1. Getting Started
  2. Player protection and security
  3. Game options and settings
  4. Promotions
  5. Deposits and withdrawals
1. Getting Started

How do I start playing M88 - IDN POKER?
To play for real money you must complete the required fields on the registration form, then make a deposit using one of our available payment methods.

How do I join a poker table?
To join a table, scroll through the list and click on the table you wish to join. Alternatively, highlight the table and click "Go to Table". If the table shows "PLAY NOW" you can join. If "FULL TABLE" does show, the table is full and you can find another table.

How do I set up an account?
Once you have account with M88. You can enter to M88 – IDN Poker lobby with creating unique name.

Why I need enter PIN, when I’m login on mobile application?
PIN is part of the security requirement to protect your account from activities that may harm you. And please to remind your PIN to play M88 – IDN Poker through the mobile application

Please note:
It is important that you provide correct and valid information so we can pay any future winnings.

2. Player protection and security

How do I know my details are secure?
We use the highest possible encryption so your details are always safe. We do not share any of your details with any third party company or organization. So you can relax and play with confidence that you're in safe hands.

How do I know that the games are fair?
We use sophisticated industry-standard anti–collusion monitoring. This means we keep a close watch on player activity and detect any suspicious behavior.

Why is my account locked?
You are only allowed one poker account with M88 – IDN Poker. If the system detects that you have more than one account, your account will be blocked and you will need to contact our customer service [email protected]

3. Game options and settings

How many tables can I play at a time?
You can play with 1 table only.

What is the difference between cash games and tournaments?
Tournaments have an entrance fee which awards every entrant with a set amount of chips. The tournament is played as a knockout competition, with a specified prize pool for the top finishers. Cash games are played with real money and players can leave at any time during the game.

How do I get more chips?
When playing cash games, you can purchase more chips once any hand you are playing is completed.

What is rake?
Rake is the money that the house takes from the pot in a cash game; it is typically a small percentage of the total size of the pot.

Why did my hand lose, it was the same as someone else's hand?
If two players have the same hand, the winning hand is the hand with the strongest other high card or ‘kicker'.

What happens if I see abusive chat?
If you witness any player using foul or offensive language, please take a screenshot and send it to [email protected]. Players who misuse the chat facility may have their chat privileges temporarily or permanently suspended.

Can I watch games without actually playing?
You can view tables with selecting the table you want to watch from the table lists.

4. Promotions

How do I join a promotion?
Our promotions may be sent direct to your inbox, so you can keep up to date with our most recent offers. Alternatively you can check our Promotions page to see what is currently available. Make sure you read the terms and conditions for eligibility.

5. Deposits and withdrawals

Which currencies can I play in?
Whatever currency you register on your account, all poker games are referred to in poker chips. Your funds will be transferred to the poker room as poker chips using exchange rate. Any refunds or winnings are transferred back to your account using the same exchange rate.

What deposit methods can I use?
A full list of current deposit methods can be found here.

How can I withdraw my cash?
A full list of current withdrawal options can be found here.

Where can I check my account balance?
The balance of your poker wallet is displayed in the lower left corner of the lobby window, and also under the Cashier tab.